Ham and Egg Salad

Don't assume that egg and ham salad will have two ingredients. The dish will also contain other delicious foods, which can be almost any. Thus, you can quickly prepare a delicious salad with ham, eggs, canned corn, cucumbers and bell peppers. Drizzle with mayonnaise and enjoy the delicate taste.

We present another recipe for a delicious salad with egg and ham, as well as vegetables and corn. It can be prepared quickly and hastily, served as a festive dish and decorated a festive table.

Delicious Egg and Ham Salad

To prepare this assorted meat salad with sausage, prepare all the necessary ingredients and pre-boil the eggs.

Hard boiled eggs, cut into large chunks, put in a large bowl and add the drained liquid canned corn.

Cut the sausage not very finely, into even cubes or strips.

Peel and rinse bell peppers, cut into strips, cucumbers into half rings and add to salad.

Chop the washed green dill, place in a bowl, sprinkle with salt and stir all the ingredients.

Add desired amount of mayonnaise, stir delicious egg salad with ham, canned corn, cucumber and bell peppers.

In addition to being a light and filling appetizer that is easy to prepare, egg and ham salad is nutritious and delicious. And in order for the dish to turn out flawless, you need to buy the best varieties of sausage, and of course, do not spare it and increase the amount of vegetables.