Delicious salad with pickled mushrooms and eggs

Mushrooms have a special place in our menu. Wanting to eat them all year round, we harvest their use, and some grow them on their own in special premises. Various dishes are prepared from mushrooms. Cold snacks made from mushrooms, combined with vegetables and fresh herbs, are especially popular. Today we will look at a simple and delicious salad of pickled mushrooms and eggs with herbs and mayonnaise. As a result, we get an excellent snack with a delicate taste.

If you still think that making mushrooms is easy and tasty, then our recipe for mushroom salad with eggs will be just right, because it is simple, quick and not expensive. This is a topical snack for any occasion and can be prepared all year round from canned mushrooms.

Champignon and Egg Salad - Recipe Step by Step

Boil the eggs in a hard boil, cool and peel. Finely chop the peas of allspice black pepper in a mortar.

Cut the eggs into small pieces, as in Olivier. Rinse green onions and chop. Cut the pickled mushrooms into pieces or thin plates.

Collect all prepared ingredients in one deep bowl, salt to taste, sprinkle with chopped pepper and mix. Add table mustard and mayonnaise.

Gently mix all ingredients, transfer delicious mushroom salad to a separate serving bowl and can be consumed.

As you can see, everything is very simple and fast. A hearty appetizer with pickled mushrooms and eggs is prepared in 30 minutes, taking into account the preparation of the products. It is recommended to add mayonnaise to salads without fail before serving, and preferably mushroom dishes should be consumed on the same day.