Potatoes with pork in a slow cooker

The owners of a multicooker have a great opportunity to cook delicious and healthy dishes. Now we will try to cook a wonderful dinner of meat and vegetables for real men. Steamed pork is quick and easy to cook and tastes amazing. And our kitchen assistant will help us - a multicooker, which will facilitate our process.

From this amount of products, we can feed a delicious lunch or a hearty dinner for four men full of strength. Alternatively, you can add the ingredients to taste and stew the steamed pork potatoes not only in a slow cooker, but also in a frying pan or in a large cast-iron cauldron and cook meat roast with vegetables, with which you can feed a large family.

Multicooker pork with potatoes

  1. To begin with, we rinse the meat properly and cut it into pieces that are convenient for us. Then pour some vegetable oil into the bowl and send the sliced ​​meat into it. We put the multicooker in the frying mode and fry each piece of meat. As soon as the pork is browned, you need to send the carrots to the bowl, which we also cut large enough.
  2. Then put coarsely chopped onions in a slow cooker and continue to fry the ingredients for another 7-8 minutes. After frying the products, the meat needs to be salted and pepper. Instead of one pepper, you can use a mixture of peppers.
  3. Peel the potatoes and cut into large cubes. Add the potatoes to the multicooker and add about 100 milliliters of water. But this is in the event that the pork with vegetables has not released enough moisture for stewing. Then the food should be properly stirred and the unit should be put on the “Extinguishing” mode, as a rule, in this mode the kitchen appliance works for one hour. The lid of the multicooker must be closed. After an hour, the multicooker will give a corresponding signal and you can turn it off. If necessary, it can be constantly kept in heating mode.
  4. Serve with pickled cucumbers or tomatoes. You can serve salads swirling for the winter, or just make a salad with fresh vegetables. The self-prepared dish will be juicy and very tasty, and the vegetables give the pork an absolutely unique aroma. Enjoy your meal!

For cooking, we can take pork from any part of the carcass. The fat content of pork can also be what you like. Cut potatoes and vegetables as large as possible to make the meat and potatoes tastier. The power of your multicooker can affect the cooking time of the dish, you need it either more or less.

Stewed potatoes with meat

If you want a simpler recipe for potatoes with meat, then you are here. In this option, we will take a closer look at the preparation of pork with steamed potatoes by the method of slow stewing.

Roast with potatoes and meat

There is never too much good, and in continuation of the topic, we offer a delicious recipe for potatoes with meat cooked in the style of a stew. The dish is prepared very simply and quickly and from simple ingredients.