Pasta with shrimps

Italian pasta is a favorite dish all over the world. Pasta with shrimp has long ceased to be only "Italian", in every country there are many popular pasta recipes. In Russia, semi-finished pasta "Perya" came to their liking more than the traditional "Spaghetti". And every housewife will surely have her own recipe for cooking them. Pasta - feathers with shrimp can be prepared based on the Italian recipe with the addition of Russian flavor - shrimp oil for a bright taste.

For cooking pasta with shrimps, it is best to choose large peeled shrimps, if you take 200 grams of small unpeeled, then there will be very little shrimp meat in the paste. And dried spices for the dish should be coarsely ground, it is best to grind rosemary, pepper and thyme in a mortar on your own.

    Italian Shrimp Pasta with Herbs

  • First, boil the feathers in salted water until half cooked (al dente - this should be a real paste), dry them and put them in an even layer on a dish.
  • Melt prepared butter in a saucepan or deep frying pan and heat for 3 to 5 minutes. The oil should be warm and never hot.
  • Raw, shelled seafood must be sliced. Each of them - in half, along the carcass. So, you should get two halves. Cut shrimp should be dipped in oil and fried, stirring for another 3 minutes.
  • In another skillet with high sides, heat the shrimp oil and add salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme and bay leaf to it (this must then be removed from the dish).
  • It's time to put the pasta (feathers) and shrimp together: the pasta must be carefully laid out with the shrimp and drizzled with oil. Before serving, sprinkle the pasta with fresh chopped spices, including basil. Also, you can separately prepare the Pesto sauce for the dish according to the classic recipe.
  • Feather Prawn Pasta is good when warm, the combination of cooling pasta and warm shrimp gives a very interesting taste. Spices for pasta with shrimps are selected harmoniously, you should not experiment here, you can ruin the dish. There are variations of feathers with shrimps with cream, tomatoes, ginger and even pears. But this recipe can be considered basic. And shrimp oil will enhance the taste, because Russian frozen shrimps differ in taste from freshly caught Adriatic ones.

    Spaghetti with shrimps

    If you are truly a gourmet of pastries and seafood, and love tasty and satisfying food, then you should definitely try the following Italian recipe using ripe tomatoes and all the main ingredients.