Fettuccine pasta with shrimps in a creamy sauce

The traditionally prepared pasta with seafood in a creamy sauce will be a wonderful weekend dish. Shrimp fettuccine is a great idea for a hearty lunch or a special dinner, which can be prepared quickly enough and surprise with ingenuity, as well as the ability to cook deliciously for all loved ones and guests.

The dish is prepared in the simplest way, adhering to tradition and fundamentals. In many Italian dishes, sauces play a big role, and the final result and taste mainly depend on them. This pasta recipe uses cream and cheese, but if you wish, you can make fettuccine with pesto or tomatoes.

Fettuccine with seafood in cream

Prepare all the necessary foods: rinse the herbs and peel the shrimp.

Chop fresh parsley or dill with a knife, finely as possible.

Grind about 100 grams of hard cheese on a medium grater.

Boil the pasta until it is Al dente, that is, until it is partially cooked, as is customary in Italy.

Melt the butter, pour the cream, add cheese, herbs, a little salt and ground black pepper.

Heat all ingredients over low heat until smooth and add shrimp. Mix beforehand.

Add the cooked pasta immediately, stir and cook for 2-3 minutes over medium heat.

As soon as the pasta is ready, after a short frying, serve immediately.

The classic Italian pasta fettuccine in a creamy sauce with shrimps turns out to be a delicate creamy cheese flavor that stirs the appetite and defies description.