Pancakes with milk

Among all the possible recipes and options, it is pancakes mixed with milk that turn out to be lush and airy like a biscuit. American pancakes are an analogue of Russian pancakes, more like our pancakes, only slightly thicker. They are smaller in diameter than pancakes, but larger than pancakes; they are classically cooked in milk and fried in a dry frying pan without using oil.

Probably many will agree that, like pancakes, pancakes are the best and most complete breakfast. Unlike scrambled eggs, cooking them is, of course, more difficult, but relatively tasty, satisfying and nutritious.

Classic American Pancakes Recipe

First, beat the eggs and grind the sugar, then pour in the milk warmed to room temperature and stir with salt.

Add flour, stir in with baking powder and knead the pancake dough into a smooth, uniform consistency.

Traditionally, in the classic recipe, the whites are separated from the yolks, whipped and only then mixed into the ready-made dough.

Preheat the frying pan and, using a ladle, put a certain amount of dough in a dry frying pan.

As soon as the baking surface begins to bubble, gently turn over and continue baking.

Cook pancakes on the reverse side for no more than one minute, over medium heat, until golden brown.

American Milk Pancakes is a popular breakfast common in the USA and Canada. The main difference between pancakes and Russian pancakes and pancakes is the mandatory presence of eggs, baking powder, milk and sometimes cream. Otherwise, the process is identical and fairly simple.