Lush cottage cheese casserole in the oven

If you think what to cook tasty and healthy at the same time, and even in a hurry? The best solution is to bake something in the oven, for example, the simplest, most useful and incredibly tasty casserole made from fresh homemade cottage cheese. This dish will appeal to everyone, especially lovers of desserts and airy pastries. When you start, be sure that fluffy curd casserole is easy to prepare, as well as it is eaten quickly enough and with pleasure.

The secret to the excellent taste of the curd casserole lies in the properly cooked texture. Let's take a closer look at a simple pie recipe, reveal the secrets and learn how to make a delicious and fluffy cottage cheese casserole.

Oven cottage cheese casserole

The first step is to beat the cottage cheese with a mixer, chop thoroughly. Generally, it is recommended to pass the curd through a sieve first.

Then pour in the sour cream and continue to beat with a mixer until a smooth, homogeneous mass is obtained.

Beat eggs separately, add sugar and grind in egg mass until foamy. Pour the mixture to the curd mass and stir slowly with a spoon.

Sift flour, combine a packet of vanilla powder and baking powder with flour. Pour into a main bowl and blend until smooth.

Lubricate the mold with butter, transfer the curd mixture to the mold and smooth the surface.

We bake cottage cheese casserole in the oven at a temperature not exceeding 200 degrees, about 30 minutes, until golden brown.

You can safely experiment and diversify the recipe, add your own ingredients. For example, you can cook a casserole with raisins, apples, add berries and all kinds of dried fruits. Thus, come up with your own casserole recipe, which can be not only sweet, but also savory - with vegetables, meat and fish.