The best recipe for millet porridge with milk

More recently, millet porridge was the main dish and was considered a heroic food that gives strength. In fact, millet is a healthy and nutritious product that has a beneficial effect on the human body and its benefits are invaluable. In fact, correctly cooked millet porridge with milk is an extremely tasty dish with a delicate aftertaste. It is a guarantee of good health, supporting female beauty, giving men strength and strengthening the growing child's body.

Do you know how to cook millet porridge in milk, what proportions of milk or water to use and how to make the porridge turn out airy and tasty? It is not difficult if you know some of the secrets and subtleties of cooking.

Millet Porridge Recipe

Sort the millet and rinse several times in cold tap water.

Pour boiling water over the cereal and stand for a couple of minutes to get rid of possible bitterness.

Drain and transfer the millet to a deep saucepan and cover with warm milk.

Add some sugar and salt to taste, stir all the ingredients and bring to a light boil.

Reduce heat to low and cook the milk porridge, stirring occasionally, until the millet absorbs the liquid.

When done, add butter and pour into bowls. For children, so that food is not a punishment, serve wheat porridge with berries and fruits.

Likewise, following the recipe, you can cook millet porridge in a slow cooker, add dried fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. Thus, make the dish even tastier and come up with your own recipe.

Airy millet porridge with pumpkin

There should be a lot of good things. And therefore, we present another version of delicious millet and pumpkin milk porridge, which is just as easy to prepare and healthy, which will appeal to even the most picky children.