Puff salad with boiled beef

It is customary to prepare beef salad on special occasions, on holidays and for large celebrations, where there should be a lot of food and mainly from meat. In addition to meat salads, you can use boiled potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, along with cheese and mayonnaise. If you do not take into account the process of preparing products, then the preparation of such dishes itself takes a little time and it is completely easy to prepare them.

We will cook meat salad from boiled beef, potatoes and eggs with the addition of a certain mayonnaise and selected hard cheese. The recipe is completely simple, as you will see now.

Delicious meat salad with potatoes and eggs recipe

Cool pre-boiled meat in broth and cut into long, not too thick pieces.

Grate hard-boiled and chilled in cold water chicken eggs with a medium grater or just chop with a knife.

Put potatoes baked in the oven or boiled in salted water through a coarse grater.

Using a special form, place the sliced ​​beef pieces in a first layer.

Sprinkle the meat on top with a thin layer of mayonnaise. Then, evenly lay the crushed eggs and pour the mayonnaise again.

Without tamping too much, lay the next layer of potatoes, sprinkle with salt, allspice and again pour mayonnaise on the salad with meat.

And pour the last layer beef salad with grated hard cheese, remove the mold and cool in the refrigerator.

After the dish is soaked and cooled, you can serve it on the table, pre-decorating with herbs and berries.

In the same way, you can prepare any other meat salads, for example, a puff salad with chicken, fish or sausage, adding components to taste and according to the preferences of home and guests.