Fresh cabbage salad with cucumber

A light and simple, tasty and healthy vitamin salad of cabbage and cucumbers will provide an influx of nutrients after a long winter, replenish the body with necessary microelements and maintain immunity all year round. Even out of season, such dishes from the predominant amount of fresh vegetables and fruits should certainly become regular participants in the winter menu for everyone who is in awe of their health and for those who follow a diet.

The main and unshakable rule of this recipe is fresh vegetables, which can be almost any, which are more or less affordable in price and season. You can safely experiment and significantly expand the composition of the ingredients, for example, add parsley and dill, or prepare a vegetable salad with broccoli, avocado and other tropical fruits.

Fresh white cabbage salad with cucumber

Rinse all vegetables, herbs and apple. Cut the apple, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, celery and radish into strips.

Chop the cabbage finely and collect all the chopped ingredients in one deep bowl. In this case, it is also recommended to pass carrots through a grater.

As a dressing, add a small amount of refined vegetable oil.

According to the ingredients, pour in one tablespoon of 9% table vinegar diluted in water.

Pre-stir all the ingredients, let the vegetables soak in vinegar in a warm place - 20 minutes.

Then add sugar, salt and ground hot pepper, stir vitamin salad from fresh vegetables and refrigerate for one hour in the refrigerator.

Before serving, stir again Coleslaw & Cucumber Salad, place in a serving plate and serve fresh.

Like many other salads, our appetizer also needs a dressing. In different cases, salad dressing can be different, which are divided by taste and calorie content. In addition to vegetable oil and vinegar, fresh vegetable salad can be seasoned with yogurt, sour cream or mayonnaise, so the dish will turn out to be more nutritious and nutritious, but at the same time it loses its dietary properties.