Dumplings with minced chicken

Delicious homemade dumplings stuffed with minced meat are an invariable component of Russian cuisine, which has already become a brand and a visiting card of Russia. The idea of ​​wrapping meat in thinly rolled dough also exists among other nations. Almost each of them has its own variety. The product is also stuffed and then boiled in water, although they are all molded in their own way, they look differently and are called differently. And we, of course, will not invent anything new, we will simply prepare the most common and beloved homemade dumplings with minced chicken and onions, as we are used to doing.

A lot is important in making homemade dumplings - from kneading dumplings to filling. According to the idea, for a skillful housewife it is not difficult. Our recipe for dumplings is different in that we will sculpt dumplings in a special form, which will speed up the preparation and greatly facilitate the process.

Chicken dumplings recipe

Sift flour and stir salt in it, beat in one egg, adding heated water in a thin stream, knead a sufficiently elastic dough.

Swap the dough thoroughly and roll into a circle. Wrap in a plastic bag and let sit in a warm place for 150 minutes.

Divide the chicken meat into small pieces and scroll in a meat grinder, then skip the onions.

Add salt, black pepper and all kinds of spices to fresh minced chicken with onions.

While kneading by hand, thoroughly stir the minced chicken and onion with the spices so that all the ingredients are combined.

Divide the finished dough into 2 parts, roll each part with a rolling pin separately into a thin layer.

Put one part on a special mold for sculpting dumplings, sprinkle with flour, and put a certain amount of minced meat on the dimples.

Lay the second part of the rolled dough on top, sprinkle the surface with flour and walk with a rolling pin.

Add salt to a pot of boiling water and lower the formed dough products. Cook minced chicken dumplings, boiling water vigorously, until they come to the surface.

Serve the chicken dumplings sprinkled with allspice black pepper and butter, mayonnaise, or sour cream. Consume hot!

You can make delicious dumplings the old fashioned way, as our grandmothers did, but due to lack of time, sometimes because of laziness, people avoid this and came up with a special mold for sculpting, which greatly simplifies the process.

Homemade dumplings with meat

We present the classic version of cooking everyone's favorite dish. In this recipe, instead of chicken, minced beef is mixed with pork, which has a very positive effect on taste and nutritional value.