How to make a poached egg

Poached egg is an original French appetizer, which is a delicate yolk with a slightly liquid texture, encased in a soft protein shell. Despite the unusual cooking technology, making poached eggs at home is no more difficult than boiling an ordinary hard-boiled egg or fried eggs. Thus, a poached egg can be used not only as an independent snack, but also added to soups, roasts, salads, pizza, and also combined with various sauces, pasta, sausages and cutlets.

Cooking time: 5 minutes

How to cook a poached egg correctly? There are two cooking methods. The first involves pouring a raw egg into a funnel created by rotating a spoon in a pot of water. The second method does not require immersing the egg in a funnel - just pour the egg into hot water, and then adjust the shape of the protein with a spoon (see below for more details).

Poached egg recipe and cooking steps

Place a pot filled with water over the fire. The pot should be deep and wide enough so that you don't accidentally damage the egg's shape when boiling.

- Carefully break a raw egg into a separate bowl, being careful not to damage the yolk.

As soon as the water in the pan starts to boil, pour a tablespoon of vinegar into it and stir the water - this will help the protein to take the shape we need, gently enveloping the yolk. After that, start stirring the water with a spoon in one direction, creating a funnel.

Pour a raw egg into the formed funnel in one sharp motion. The white should completely envelop the yolk; To speed up this process, gently scoop up the water near the protein with a spoon throughout the poached egg preparation process.

The egg that has taken the desired shape should be boiled in hot water for about 4-5 minutes. The degree of readiness of the yolk, of course, cannot be seen, but it is quite felt when stirring.

The finished poached egg should be carefully removed from the water, dried and, if necessary, shape the egg by cutting off the uneven edges of the egg white.

Serve with toasts or sandwiches, with cutlets or pasta, pre-salt and pepper to your taste.

The basic requirements for the preparation of this snack are that only very fresh eggs and hot, but not boiled water are used during cooking. In no case should the water be salted - salt promotes the spreading of protein in the water.