Homemade minced meat cutlets recipes

It's no secret that cutlets are a fairly common dish that can be served with a side dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But this is not entirely true, since there are a great many options for cooking cutlets! Minced meat alone implies a great variety. In addition to different types of meat, it can combine various vegetables and mushrooms for itself, because what, if not minced meat, creates such a variety of types of homemade cutlets.

Whatever recipes are varied, the basic rules for their preparation are still unchanged. For softness and juiciness of cutlets, add ice-cold mineral water or a little cream to the minced meat. Hand-chopped onions or cabbage can also add juiciness. Minced meat before sculpting cutlets must be carefully beaten off, so they turn out to be tender and will simply melt in your mouth.

Baked minced chicken cutlets - recipe with photo

One of the common cooking options is homemade chicken cutlets. Compared to the rest, poultry meat has a soft and delicate taste, and is also considered a dietary product and is recommended for baby food.


chicken meat - 200 g, egg - 1 pc., onions - 1 head, dry bread - 50 g, garlic - 1 clove, salt and pepper - to taste.

Rinse the meat beforehand, let the water drain, dry it and grind it in a meat grinder.

Soak the bread in warm water, preferably in milk for 3-5 minutes. Then squeeze and mix with the minced chicken.

Add one egg, finely chopped onion, chopped garlic, salt, allspice to the minced meat and stir everything thoroughly.

Blind oval or round flat cakes, place them on a baking sheet with foil and transfer to a preheated oven.

Bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

Chicken cutlets

Each chef, preparing minced meat cutlets at home, adds a little creativity and imagination to the recipe, for example: classic chicken cutlets, the recipe of which can be changed, focusing on your taste preferences.

Among the many options for meat cutlets, most housewives prefer to cook chicken cutlets. And let this not surprise you, because homemade minced chicken cutlets are much easier and faster to cook, and besides, they are less high-calorie, not to mention the taste.

Cutlets with potatoes and pickled beets

For cutlets you will need:

700 grams of minced meat (better than pork);

3 egg yolks;

1 glass of milk;

6 tbsp. spoons of pickled beets;

3 potatoes;

3 onions;

Salt to taste and breadcrumbs (or flour).

  • Minced meat should be combined with milk and yolks, add pre-fried finely chopped onions and chopped beets to it.
  • Blind cutlets out of the minced meat obtained, and fry on each side, having previously rolled in breadcrumbs. It turns out delicious and original!

Beet cutlets

Lean vegetable cutlets cook quickly enough, and most importantly, they are good for the body. Beetroot cutlets are a great option to make food not only healthy, but also to diversify the diet for those who refuse to eat meat.

Among vegetable cutlets, besides beet cutlets, the most popular are carrot and potato cutlets. Of course, there are many other cooking options, for example: bean cutlets, sauerkraut and fresh cabbage, peas, zucchini and eggplant, as well as mushrooms.

Recipe for homemade bryndza cutlets

The following ingredients need to be prepared:

1 kilogram of minced meat (pork with beef);

200 grams of smoked brisket;

3 onions;

200 grams of feta cheese;

3 cloves of garlic;

1 glass of mineral water;

1 teaspoon of baking soda;

Salt, pepper, herbs - to taste.

  • Chop onion, brisket, feta cheese and garlic and add to the minced meat.
  • Gradually, while mixing, add a glass of water, spices and herbs.
  • The resulting mass should be refrigerated for a couple of hours. After the lapse of time, you can safely sculpt and fry delicious cutlets from minced meat. Thanks to the cheese, they will melt in your mouth, and the brisket will add a light smoky flavor.

Meat cutlets with mushrooms

The next recipe is a popular zrazy made from minced meat, which can also be vegetable. This is what they are called. They are prepared from the same minced meat as ordinary cutlets and look the same, but only with a filling, which one is up to you!

It would seem that there is a complex, banal and well-known dish here, everyone can cook cutlets. However, in practice, as is often the case, not everyone succeeds. And this is because many do not adhere to the recipe and simple rules.

Cutlets with crab sticks

To prepare you need:

600 grams of minced meat (better than chicken);

400 grams of crab meat;

3 onions;

3 eggs;

100 grams of bread crumbs (or flour);

150 grams of bread;

Salt and spices to taste.

  • The minced meat should be mixed with chopped crab sticks, to which add finely chopped onions, eggs and bread soaked in milk.
  • Season with salt, pepper, chill and the base is ready for cooking.
  • It remains to mold the cutlets, roll in flour or breadcrumbs and fry them on low heat for 10 minutes on each side.

Juicy, tender, delicious - this is how the cutlets should turn out thanks to the crab meat. Now, using such a variety of recipes in everyday life, you can safely invite guests, or simply appreciate the new cooking possibilities for a family dinner. It will not be surprising if the dining table is decorated with the same type of dish for several days, only in a different version!

Fishcake recipe

Our piggy bank with recipes for homemade cutlets would not be complete if there were no fish there. After all, seafood cutlets are an exquisite dish that differs from the usual in appearance, composition and preparation method.

Compliance with the rules is not the only prerequisite for getting the best results. But the desire to diversify their skills in cooking with several recipes will help housewives to surprise their household with the simplest and most delicious dish.

Minced meat patties - tips and general principles of cooking

To make homemade cutlets juicy and lush, in addition to the obligatory onion ingredient, a small amount of chopped cabbage, zucchini, potatoes and lard are added to the minced meat. But for splendor - bread. It is recommended to use bread that is slightly stale, since fresh bread prevents splendor, because has a high "stickiness".

For taste and aroma, various dry and fresh spices should be added to the minced meat.

You can cook cutlets from both homemade and purchased minced meat, only the latter is more bland, so you need to remember to add vegetables and spices to it. It doesn't matter which recipe for delicious minced meat cutlets you choose, you always need to follow the instructions to make the food as juicy, mouth-watering and homemade delicious as possible.

Fried cutlets from minced meat and zucchini

Those who would like to diversify their daily menu with light and, at the same time, hearty dishes, are recommended to cook fried cutlets from any minced meat and young zucchini. Cutlets made from such components are considered a very economical lunch option, since a minimum amount of food is spent on them.

So, for the preparation of fried cutlets from minced meat and young zucchini you will need such components as:

vegetable oil for frying (one and a half tablespoons);

minced meat from any type of meat at your discretion (280 g);

finely ground black pepper (to your taste);

young zucchini of medium size (one piece);

ground crackers (four tablespoons with a slide);

salt (to your taste);

semolina (one tbsp. spoon with a slide);

fresh chicken eggs (one or two pieces).

You need to choose a zucchini young, not too large with a green thin skin, since it is from it that the most juicy cutlets will be obtained.

The selected zucchini should be rinsed, then peeled and cut into pieces of any size, then transfer the chopped vegetable to any deep bowl and puree with a blender.

In a container with a zucchini mass, put raw chicken eggs in the required amount, homemade minced meat, pepper at your discretion, as well as half a portion of ground crackers, all semolina, salt the components and mix.

As soon as the cutlet zucchini-meat mass becomes completely homogeneous, you need to leave it alone so that the semolina swells well.

Form neat oval cutlets from the zucchini-meat mass and roll them in the remaining breadcrumbs, then fry until golden brown on all sides.

Such meat cutlets are very tasty, in which, in addition to zucchini, eggplants are also added, however, they will first need to be held in a saline solution, and if this is not done, they will taste a little bitter.

Juicy turkey cutlets with zucchini

Anyone can cook such a dish, because the process is actually very simple. Here's an example: recipe for juicy and delicious homemade minced turkey cutlets with zucchini, which are fried in a pan in the most common way.

The good thing about these cutlets is that they can be supplemented with other ingredients, for example, carrots, juicy onions or bell peppers.