Festive composition of tomatoes - tulips

How do you imagine a holiday salad in your mind? As always, is it a lot of all kinds of finely chopped ingredients with lots of mayonnaise and in huge portions? You are right, in most cases this is exactly the case, but not on this day and not on women's holiday. Salad for March 8 should be special and original, and most importantly, it should look beautiful and cheerful in spring. On this occasion, we propose to prepare a salad in the form of a bouquet of flowers, and as an example, we give 2 recipes for a festive tomato composition with step-by-step photos and a detailed description.

On such a day, it is usually customary to give tulips. A bouquet of flowers is so cute, they warm a woman's soul and delight the heart. And when the bouquet is also edible, it is doubly pleasant and not usually so. Flowers can not only be touched, but also eaten. Believe me, such an appetizer looks very presentable and it will be the best gift and bright decoration of the festive table. Make yourself a gift for March 8, please yourself and your guests.

Tomato tulips with crab sticks, eggs and cheese

Washed and dried tomatoes, starting from the top, cut into a cross, but not completely.

Carefully, being careful not to damage the base, remove the inner flesh with a teaspoon.

Next, chop the garlic finely, pass the cheese and boiled eggs through a large Turk, collect all the separate deep dishes and squeeze the garlic to them.

Add a certain amount of mayonnaise and stir all ingredients thoroughly.

Separately, fill each tomato with cooked crab stick, egg and cheese filling.

Use a paper towel to remove any remaining filling from the petals.

Place the green onions in a flat serving dish after rinsing and cutting off the ends.

On the side of the onion feathers, place the stuffed tulip tomatoes in a row and give them the appearance of a bouquet of flowers.

Finally, decorate your festive tulip bouquet with thinly sliced ​​cucumber pieces.

The result is so inspiring and such an event is remembered for a long time that on subsequent holidays, be it a birthday or a romantic evening, it will be difficult to give up the temptation and not repeat it all over again.

Tomato flower arrangement

If you've ever cooked such a snack, then you will definitely want to repeat everything again. On this occasion, you can diversify the recipe a little, make the filling from other components, or even simplify it altogether.

To prepare this salad you will need: Greek feta cheese made from sheep's milk, cream tomatoes, fresh green onions and dill.

Rinse the tomatoes, cut with a cross, core out and punch a small hole on the bottom.

For the filling, wash the greens, cut and separate the onion feathers, and finely chop the white part along with the dill.

Collect everything in one bowl, add chopped cheese and combine all the ingredients.

Fill the tomatoes with cheese and herbs, fill so that the filling does not peep out of the petals.

Slide the green onion feathers into the holes made and place the tulips on a flat plate.

Decorate the arrangement with dill sprigs, tie the edible tulip bouquet with thread and tie it with a beautiful bow.

It is difficult to think of a more beautiful and original dish for a women's holiday. Salad in the form of tulips - it really looks beautiful, spring fresh, which awakens the senses and raises the festive mood.