Mustard powder recipe

If you think that it is difficult to prepare real, vigorous mustard from ready-made powder, then you are deeply mistaken. In fact, everything is very simple, you just have to want and take a few minutes of time, and the most popular hot sauce is ready. Although there are many options, the classic mustard recipe consists mainly of three main components - mustard powder, sugar and butter.

The variety of table mustard on store shelves is simply amazing. This explains the popularity and demand for this hot sauce, which goes well with meat, especially with chops. But why overpay if you can easily and quickly prepare it at home.

A quick and easy recipe for mustard powder

In a deep bowl or a small jar, pour dry mustard powder, add sugar and a little salt. Stir all dry ingredients.

Boil water and cool to a temperature of 50-60 degrees, then, pouring water in small portions, stir the contents of the jar to an even consistency.

As a result, after thorough mixing, the output should be smooth and smooth, like sour cream, moderately thick and moderately liquid mixture.

Pour in the oil, stir thoroughly, transfer to a jar, close the lid and stand for 3-4 hours in a warm place, near the battery. Then put it in the refrigerator and stand for 2-3 days, until tender.

More often, a little vinegar and lemon juice is added to homemade mustard sauce, which noticeably enhances the taste, makes the mustard more pronounced and gives a special aroma. It is a versatile sauce that has many uses.

Store ready-made mustard in a glass container and always with a tightly closed lid, so it will retain its original fresh taste and aroma longer.