Boiled fried potatoes

Young potatoes are an invaluable seasonal product and their taste is much higher than those of later harvest. It is enough to boil it, bake it or fry it in butter - this is already delicious. And as an example of a quick lunch, we offer a recipe for boiled early potatoes with an appetizing golden brown crust, the preparation of which is as simple as possible.

Sure, frying early potatoes is a controversial option, but don't rush to argue until you've tried it. If you love potato salad in oil, then you will understand what this is about. Anyone who has already tried something like this knows how delicious and indescribably pleasant it is.

Fried young potatoes in a pan

Rinse the potatoes thoroughly, peel the skin with a brush and boil with bay leaves in salted water until cooked.

Drain and cool. Then cut small tubers into 2 parts, if larger, then divide into 3 or more parts.

In a large skillet, melt the sliced ​​butter and heat moderately.

Put the boiled potatoes in a skillet, season with salt and pepper to taste, and fry on all sides over high heat.

As soon as the potatoes are golden brown, transfer to portioned plates, sprinkle with grated feta cheese and chopped fresh herbs on top.

If you are looking for an unusual recipe or do not know how to cook delicious potatoes, be sure to try this one, you will definitely like it.

Fried young potatoes

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