Zucchini rolls with tomatoes and chicken recipe

What can be prepared from zucchini quickly and tasty for a festive dinner, as an unusual snack and a light prelude to a feast, before serving the main course? Perhaps a casserole or vegetable stew, perhaps stew them with meat and onions? - No, it's too satisfying, and not this time either. For such a case, you need something optimal and more original, and it is also important to take into account the desires of tastes and predict the desires of guests. The solution here is one and the only correct, besides it is very simple - it is to stuff, namely to make rolls of young zucchini with tomatoes and mayonnaise.

Zucchini is a low-calorie, dietary and favorite product of all housewives. Millions of delicious dishes are prepared from them, which are united by one thing - simplicity and unobtrusive taste, which makes them very popular.

Zucchini rolls with tomatoes

Prepare all the necessary foods you might need to prepare your snack. Be sure to buy quality mayonnaise.

A small zucchini, the size of a large cucumber, first rinse, dry and cut into moderately thin and even plates.

Sprinkle each sliced ​​slice with salt, then separately roll in a little flour on each side.

Heat vegetable oil in a skillet and fry the breaded zucchini slices on both sides over medium heat until golden brown.

Transfer the freshly cooked plates to a separate flat dish, let the heat pass slightly and then, put a thin layer of mayonnaise and place a slice of tomato on the edge.

Roll the sautéed zucchini in oil into rolls and place in a serving plate with the rim down. For stability, skewers can be inserted into them.

Garnish with herbs and serve warm. Recommended to be consumed on the same day.

Zucchini season is coming soon, which means that you can eat plenty of them. Knowing how to cook delicious zucchini, combining them with other products, you can prepare thousands of simple and original dishes.

Oven chicken and cheese squash rolls

To prepare zucchini rolls stuffed with chicken you will need: 1 zucchini, 1/2 chicken breast, 50 g of hard cheese, 1 clove of garlic, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of ketchup, basil, salt, black pepper and vegetable oil.

Rinse the zucchini, cut off the stalks, peel the skin and slice longitudinally into non-thick strips.

Lay parchment on a flat surface, spread the cut slices, brush the surface with oil and sprinkle with salt.

Cut the chicken fillet into slices as thin as possible, just like the courgette. Beat lightly with a hammer, season with salt and pepper on all sides and add chopped garlic.

Place the meat slices neatly on top of the zucchini strips, place over the basil leaf, sprinkle with grated hard cheese and season with ketchup.

Wrap the chicken and cheese zucchini in rolls and secure with wooden skewers. Place in an ovenproof small dish and transfer to the preheated oven.

Bake zucchini rolls with chicken in the oven at 180 degrees - 25-30 minutes, until the zucchini softens noticeably.

As you can see the recipe for zucchini rolls in the oven is quite simple. They can be with different fillings, which are perfect for a festive buffet table as an excellent snack. And most importantly, baked zucchini rolls with cheese turn out to be unusually juicy and tender, all this thanks, of course, to cheese and spicy tomato dressing.