Beef liver with onions and mushrooms recipe

If you do not know how to cook juicy and soft liver in a regular pan, we offer a sure-fire recipe that will please everyone. It would be trite to just fry the liver with onions, and therefore we will slightly improve the recipe, add mushrooms, a little water and leave to simmer over low heat, during which the liver will be fed with broth, becoming soft, juicy and tender.

If desired, the composition of the ingredients can be significantly expanded, for example, it would be nice to add grated carrots, replace some of the tomato paste with fresh tomatoes and use olive oil. And you can simplify, cook the liver with onions without mushrooms.

How to Cook Beef Liver in a Frying Pan - Recipe Step by Step

Trim the liver off and cut into medium pieces. If the liver is fresh, it is best not to rinse.

Pour some of the oil into the pan, heat and fry the chopped beef liver over medium heat so that only a superficial crust forms, but the inside remains pink and undercooked.

After lightly frying the beef liver in oil, transfer from the pan to a separate bowl and cover tightly.

Pour the rest of the oil into a frying pan, add the onion, chopped in half rings, chopped garlic and fry over low heat until the onion softens.

Cut the porcini mushrooms into quarters, place over the onion, cover and cook on simmer until mushrooms are partially cooked.

Next, add chopped chili, dried cumin, salt, a mixture of allspice, flour and tomato paste to the sautéed onion with mushrooms. Pour in half of the broth, stir and cook on a slow simmer - 5-10 minutes.

After a while, add the fried liver, pour in the rest of the broth, stir and bring to a boil. Cook over medium heat, stirring all the time, until the liver has absorbed some of the liquid and some has evaporated.

Once the dish thickens like a classic stew, turn off the heat and pour into cups. Sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs and serve exceptionally hot.

Liver with mushrooms and onions is a great dish that goes perfectly with almost any side dish. Be it boiled pasta or stewed vegetables with potatoes and carrots, if you prepare a similar meat gravy, the result will always delight you with excellent taste.