Sour cream pie recipe

Delicious and tender sour cream pie is one of the favorite and popular desserts of the post-Soviet era. In those days, every housewife knew the classic recipe for sour cream, the ingredients of which are simple and were always available, the basis of which is sour cream. Sour cream was mainly prepared at home according to the usual recipe from sour cream dough. Whenever possible, cocoa, raisins, jam and condensed milk were added to the dough, and then decorating they turned an ordinary sour cream pie into a real holiday cake.

It is difficult to remember the exact composition of the products used in the classic version. Although it is not difficult to assume that the recipe for sour cream should not be complicated, as simple as possible, without any frills and must necessarily contain natural sour cream. In fact, sour cream pie is prepared quickly enough, and if desired, it can be baked even in a multicooker, which will not affect the quality of baking, appearance and taste.

How to make a sour cream pie

There are two cooking options: the first is a jellied pie, where all the ingredients are mixed into one. And the second - an open pie like a cheesecake, the dough and filling are prepared separately. We will cook in the first way, the easiest and fastest.

In a deep bowl, beat the eggs, add a pinch of salt and gradually add granulated sugar, thoroughly grind in the egg mass until the sugar crystals are completely dissolved.

Then add the grated lemon zest, pour in one glass of sour cream and stir until the mixture is even.

Next, add flour, mixing with a pinch of baking soda and the same amount of salt. Use a tablespoon or mixer to knead the dough until smooth.

Place parchment paper on the bottom of the mold, grease the sides of the mold with vegetable oil and pour the prepared semi-liquid dough into it.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, place the pan and bake the sour cream for 25-30 minutes without opening the oven lid.

The readiness of the crust can be determined with a toothpick sticking into the surface. If the toothpick is dry, then the cake is ready.

There is a legend that long before the invention of sour cream, in order not to let the sour cream go to waste and not to throw away the good, it was mixed into the dough and round cakes were baked like a pie, which came out surprisingly airy and melted in the mouth. Perhaps this is how the sour cream recipe was invented, which, unfortunately, these days people rarely remember.

Recipe Tips: What You Should Know When Making Sour Cream

- It is not recommended to add all the flour at once, put in portions and do not knead a very thick dough. It would be more correct to let the dough brew a little, as a result of which the mass thickens, acquires a more even and smooth consistency.

- In the absence of a special form, the cakes can be baked in a thick-walled cast iron skillet.

- During baking, try not to open the oven door, otherwise the dough may settle.

- When buying sour cream, choose a fresh and thick product with a high percentage of fat.

- To avoid stratification of sour cream when whipping, you should first cool it.