Pear jam recipe

Fruit preserves and marmalades are the most popular sweet preserves. Judge for yourself: this delicacy can be eaten with a sandwich, and with pancakes, and with pancakes, and as a filling for pies. So if you have not yet prepared homemade sweets of this kind, do not waste time - use our recipe while the harvest season lasts! Pear Jam will delight you with its delicate aroma and pleasant taste. And also, it will definitely brighten up a cold winter evening, making homemade dishes sweeter and more delicious!

In addition to the products themselves, you will need glass jars with intact screw lids and a large saucepan in which it will be convenient to cook and knead the jam.

Rinse the pears well, cut into quarters. Use a knife to remove the skins from them and cut out the cores with the seeds. Then cut each quarter into 2-3 pieces and place in a large saucepan in which you will cook the jam.

Add a little water to the pears - literally 2 tablespoons. Put on fire, cover and simmer over low heat. Water is needed here so that the pieces of pears do not stick to the bottom of the pan while the fruit itself does not start juice. After boiling, simmer the pears under the lid for 20 minutes: during this time they will soften enough.

Try one piece of pear. If it's softened enough, crush the fruit into a pulp with a mashed potatoes. You can also use a food processor or other chopper to make the pear puree completely homogeneous.

Add sugar to the pear puree, mix everything well. Put it back on low heat and cover the pan with a lid.

The addition of sugar will make the pears more juice, so the next 10 minutes will be stewed without sticking to the bottom.

After 10 minutes, the pear mass will noticeably thicken: if you run a spoon along the bottom of the pan, there will be a "path", a trace of the spoon. It is to this state that the jam must be brought before rolling it into the banks.

Boil a jar with a lid for 10 minutes in a pot of water to sterilize.

Immediately place the jam in a hot jar and seal with a screw cap.

Delicious homemade pear jam is ready! Place the jars on the table upside down: let them stand so until they cool completely. Then move them to storage.

What pears to pick for making jam?

The best fruits are suitable for him:

- large, so that there are fewer grains and more pulp, - ripe, so that you do not need to add additional water, - not wormy, so that you do not have to throw away half of the fruit.

In addition, tart varieties of pears are not suitable for such conservation - it is best to take the sweetest fruits.