Simple honey pancakes in the oven - a step by step recipe

Simple curd cakes cooked in the oven will be an excellent afternoon snack and snack. And if you add natural honey, then such low-fat cottage cheese pancakes can also be called dietary ones, which are convenient to take with you to work and give children to school without fear of getting dirty.

Cooking time is short, generally 30 minutes. You will spend no more than 10 minutes making dough and no more than 20 minutes baking. It is also convenient - you will spend most of your time relaxing. For best results, we strongly recommend using homemade cottage cheese.

Simple Honey Pancakes - Recipe Step by Step

Prepare the curd. Transfer it to a deep bowl. If you want the curd cakes to turn out to be airy, then you need to use a blender to grind the mass. If you like ordinary cheesecakes, then you do not need to grind.

Beat the eggs into the curd.

Add semolina and stir the mixture.

Add wheat flour. Stir the dough.

Add sugar or honey to taste. Leave the prepared mass for 10-15 minutes so that the semolina softens a little.

Pour some flour into a deep bowl. Form balls from the curd mass and roll them in flour. You can roll cheese cakes not only in flour, but also in breading.

Place the parchment on a baking sheet. Lubricate it with butter and lay out the cheesecakes, flattening slightly with your hand.

After a while, when the cheesecakes are browned, turn them over and bake for another 10 minutes.

Put the prepared syrniki from the oven into a plate.

Sprinkle them with powdered sugar.

Then pour honey on top and you can serve it to the table.

You can cook cheese cakes with raisins and dried fruits. Berries are ideal: currants, raspberries, cherries. Very tasty with chocolate filling or jam. Choose what you love.

Everyone loves this delicious curd cakes, they can be both sweet and salty. They are fried in a pan and baked in the oven. Many people call them curds and recommend them in dietary meals, but only baked. Syrniki are served with sour cream, condensed milk, honey, jam, or simply poured with butter.

Sweet classic cheese cakes - quick recipe

Drive eggs into the grated cottage cheese, add sugar, a pinch of salt, vanilla powder, half of wheat flour and stir until smooth.

Roll the curd dough into a moderately thick roll and cut across into round pieces.

Dip in flour and shape into moderately thick flat cakes, 1.5 cm thick.

Bake in the oven or fry in a pan in vegetable oil on each side until a delicious golden brown crust.