Barbecue marinade recipe

What is the best marinade for kebabs and how to cook it correctly so that the meat turns out juicy and tender, melting in your mouth? The secret of a delicious shish kebab lies not only in the meat, but also in the marinade. The final result will depend on him.

To prepare an ideal and delicious kebab, if you decide to cook it from pork, use a loin or cutlet part, and if from beef, then a tenderloin is recommended. The meat should be young, slightly reddish, soft and free of veins.

Remember one thing that the main secret of delicious meat fried over an open fire is the right marinade and your mood.

An important point: in all cases, it is recommended to add salt and vinegar to already marinated meat just before cooking.

How to make the right marinade for meat

Unlike many other recipes, pickled meat with onions is the surest and easiest option. This is a versatile method that works great for both beef and pork. The advantage is obvious, here onions serve not only as a flavor enhancer, but also act as a splitter. In the process, having absorbed onion juice, the meat retains some of the juice during frying and does not dry out.

Pork and Beef Onion Barbecue Marinade - Recipe Step by Step

Cut the onions into half rings, for efficiency, you can chop them in a blender.

Place the chopped cuts of meat and prepared onions in a deep-bottomed dish.

Add allspice, a mixture of dry herbs: coriander, dill, thyme, rosemary, garlic, and others.

Kneading with hands, stir thoroughly, cover with polyethylene and leave to marinate for 2 hours.

After a while, add salt, pour in the vinegar, stir everything thoroughly again, all that remains is to string on skewers and you can proceed to the cooking process.

It's easier to buy a special set of spices for barbecue, sold in a small package, which already contains all the main components.

    Quick Kiwi Marinade

  • Season with salt and pepper the chopped meat for barbecue.
  • Add 2 onions and 2 divided kiwi slices, preferably separating the seeds.
  • Stir and let sit for a couple of hours.

This option is perfect and will help correct the situation when the meat is tough and sinewy. Kiwi perfectly breaks down animal protein and makes the product softer. For lovers of "lively taste" of meat, it is not particularly recommended to abuse it.

    Lemon pickle

  • For two kilograms of meat, use one lemon and a couple of onions.
  • Stir the meat with the spices, add the chopped onion and top with squeezed lemon juice.
  • Mix everything thoroughly and let the meat soak in a cool place for a couple of hours.

In addition to pork and beef, this marinade recipe is perfect for fish. Lemon is known to go well with many seafood, especially when baked in the oven.

    Delicious Chicken Marinade

  1. The most ideal poultry marinade is mayonnaise and dry herbs. Bow of your choice. For those who wish, on our website there is a universal recipe for marinade with onions, step by step photos and a description. Suitable for any occasion, both for the oven and for cooking over an open fire.


  • First, grind the meat with salt,
  • then combine in 200 ml mayonnaise - 3-4 tbsp. tablespoons of special seasoning for chicken and toss with the meat.
  • Refrigerate for 2 hours.

Unlike pork and beef, the taste of poultry is less pronounced and, in order to compensate for the deficiency, we recommend using more herbs for chicken kebabs. People who care about their diet should know that when it comes to frying, especially about barbecue, it is not appropriate to talk about proper nutrition and any beneficial properties of chicken.

    Tomato marinade with mayonnaise

  • Season the meat with salt and pepper.
  • Grind two or three tomatoes in a blender, transfer to the container with the main ingredient,
  • add 2 tbsp. mayonnaise spoons,
  • stir and refrigerate for 3-4 hours.

It should be remembered that the marinade serves as a flavor enhancer. The quality of the main product is also important here. Whether it is pork or beef kebab prepared with the best marinade, special attention should be paid when choosing and buying meat.