What to cook from zucchini quickly and tasty

At the height of the summer season for zucchini and other fresh vegetables, starting from the period of their early ripening, you need to try not to miss the moment and have time to be saturated with all the gifts of Mother Nature. And, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a banal recipe for fried zucchini.

But zucchini is such a versatile and flexible product that you can cook almost any dish from it, and you can't count all the options. And the vegetable itself is quite unpretentious, quickly bears large fruits that can be enjoyed until autumn. Moreover, zucchini belongs to those foods that must be present in the diet of proper nutrition, both for adults and children.

So, what can you cook from zucchini quickly and tasty, besides how to fry, stew and bake in all known ways? - Let's figure it out!

So, for starters, let's try to cook something relatively simple and at the same time quick dish of courgettes in the original version.

Zucchini snack cake

To prepare this dish, you will need the following products:

- two zucchini, - the same amount of chicken eggs, - mayonnaise, - two tomatoes, - a couple of tablespoons of flour, - garlic, paprika, salt and pepper, - and some vegetable oil for frying.

Step by step recipe:

For the cake, grate the zucchini with fine cells, then add eggs, salt and pepper to the mass.

Mix everything thoroughly and add flour. Please note that the dough should not turn out thick, otherwise the squash cake will be very hard.

From the resulting mass, we bake pancakes the size of a frying pan and about one centimeter thick.

Ready squash pancakes should be smeared with a dressing of mayonnaise (sour cream), garlic, paprika and herbs. For each pancake, apply the resulting dressing, grated cheese and thin slices of tomatoes.

When the last layer is ready, the whole cake is sent to the oven for a few minutes to melt the grated cheese.

Decorate the cake as you like and you can serve the zucchini snack cake warm or cold.

Zucchini Egg Casserole Recipe

This quick and easy recipe will give you the vitamins you need and the sutra energy boost. This is a squash casserole you can make for breakfast. For a casserole, prepare one kilogram of young zucchini, five eggs, a little dill, salt and cooking oil for frying.

Zucchini should be cut into thin rings, each of which is fried in vegetable oil on both sides. Then, you need to beat the eggs thoroughly and pour the fried zucchini laid out in a baking dish with this mixture.

The baked zucchini will be ready in thirty-five minutes. Sprinkle some chopped dill on top of the dish before serving.

The cooking process of this dish is very simple and quick, so we recommend that you adopt it for your everyday summer menu.

Stuffed zucchini boats

A simple way to serve dishes in an original way. Zucchini boats really look unusual and arouse great interest, and baked in the oven with minced meat and cheese turns out to be healthy and incredibly tasty.

Without exaggeration, this is definitely worth a try. Oven baked zucchini with minced meat is simple and delicious!

Cooking in a multicooker

Zucchini is a versatile vegetable. Almost all products are combined with it and you can prepare many delicious dishes from it: for example, bake with the addition of chicken, rice, cheese, herbs and sour cream. And the process can be simplified as much as possible with a multicooker.

Zucchini casserole with minced meat and potatoes in a slow cooker


- 500 g minced pork, - 1 medium zucchini, - 5 pcs. potato tubers, - 1 tomato, - 100 g of hard cheese, - 10 g of butter, - 1 tbsp. l. bread crumbs, - herbs, - salt and black pepper.

    How to cook

  1. First, prepare all the required foods according to the ingredients list:

    Cut the peeled and thoroughly washed potatoes into thin slices.

    Wash the zucchini and also cut into slices without peeling.

    Grate hard cheese on a coarse grater.

    Chop the greens finely.

    Cut the washed tomato into half rings.

    Season the minced meat with salt and pepper to taste.

  2. Grease a multicooker bowl with butter and sprinkle with breadcrumbs.
  3. Lay the casserole in layers as follows:

    The first layer is potato circles. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

    Put some of the courgettes on the potatoes.

    Put some of the minced meat on the zucchini.

    Put some of the cheese and half of the tomato on the minced meat. (Leave some cheese for the top layer)

    Lay the next layers in the same order, the final layer will be potatoes.

  4. Select the Baking program and set the cooking time to 1 hour.

    10 minutes before the end signal, open the lid and sprinkle the remaining cheese on the casserole.

  5. Sprinkle fresh chopped herbs over the hot dish just before serving.

Tip! Alternatively, you don't have to bother with layers: cut the food, put everything in the multicooker bowl and go bake.

Zucchini with meat and potatoes is the easiest way to have a tasty and satisfying meal. Many zucchini and meat dishes are delicious both in the oven and in a regular frying pan.

Zucchini rolls

Another simple recipe that is quite suitable for a festive table is zucchini rolls.

For this dish, pick up two or three small zucchini, a couple of ripe tomatoes, one red bell pepper, hard cheese - 250 grams, sour cream, garlic, as well as spices and herbs.

The washed zucchini should first be dried, then cut lengthwise into thin long plates.

Each zucchini slab should be salted, slightly pepper and left for a few minutes until the juice comes out.

Shaking off the juice from each slice, fry them in vegetable oil on both sides.

For a tasty and savory filling, grate the cheese on a fine grater and squeeze the garlic into it.

We fill the garlic-cheese filling with sour cream and wrap it in each fried zucchini slice.

To prevent the vegetable rolls from falling apart, you can use toothpicks or special skewers.

A recipe with step-by-step photos and a detailed description of them, you can find here.

    Benefits of squash

  • A huge number of recipes prepared in different ways,
  • Low content of kilocalories,
  • The presence of such beneficial trace elements as phosphorus, potassium and calcium,
  • Availability of essential fiber for the body,
  • Zucchini can be used to prepare not only a side dish, but also a main course,
  • A wide variety of quick and easy diet recipes.

Stewed zucchini with eggplant in a slow cooker

Do you want the most simple and delicious dish? - Then here's the perfect recipe for a sweet couple that are in perfect harmony with each other and this is the best example of proper nutrition for the whole family.

Vegetable stew with zucchini

For lovers of proper nutrition, this is just a godsend. Here you can experiment with vegetables as much as you like, adding your own and thereby adapting the recipe for yourself, you can prepare a dish to your taste.

The simplest and fastest thing that can be made from zucchini is a stew. You can't think of a better way. Without exaggeration, the recipe is very simple.