Cucumber salad with tomatoes and zucchini

What could be healthier than a fresh vegetable salad? A culinary classic, an example of perfect taste and prostate, this is a salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. And many will agree with this. Well, if it seems to you that all this is too banal, then for piquancy you can prepare a lightly salted appetizer not just from cucumbers with tomatoes, but also by adding a young zucchini. If you are a supporter of proper nutrition, then this recipe is for you.

Unlike other vegetable salads, which are usually served immediately after preparation, this salad is prepared in advance, since the recipe for proper and healthy eating contains zucchini. If you decide to treat them to them, then you need to do it in advance, at least 3-4 hours before use, after a while, a snack of salted vegetables can be served to the table.

Note that the ideal courgette is not ripe and can be consumed raw. It is from the young fruit that the most delicious dishes with nutritional and dietary properties are obtained.

Wash, peel and cut young small zucchini into thin slices. You can take half of the zucchini.

Fresh cucumber is also cut, like a courgette, in moderately thin half rings.

Ripe red tomatoes are cut more coarsely, in equal slices.

It is better to take sweet bell peppers red or orange. It needs to be cleared of seeds and cut into oblong pieces.

You can take half a head of garlic if it is old or a whole head if it is young. It needs to be crushed or finely crushed with a knife.

Green dill is taken to taste, but more is better. It should also be finely chopped.

All vegetables are folded into a tight plastic bag, a teaspoon of sugar and the same amount of salt are added there. The bag is tied tightly, shaken well to mix the vegetables, and placed in the refrigerator for 3-5 hours. You can hold it there for a little longer, but no more than a day.

The ready-made vitamin vegetable salad is transferred from the package to the salad bowl and served on the table.

The vegetables in the bag turned out to be lightly salted, fragrant, crunchy. The combination of tomatoes and cucumbers is unrivaled, and the zucchini makes the dish chic - it's so great. Plus, you can add a little more vegetable oil and your favorite salad of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes goes very well with hot potatoes.