A delicious recipe for pickled zucchini with garlic for the winter

In the vegetable season, we advise you to prepare a simple and quick, at the same time very tasty appetizer of young zucchini with garlic and dill.

Appetizing and crunchy rings of this vegetable in a sweet and sour fragrant marinade will perfectly complement a variety of dishes from meat, fish, potatoes not only on ordinary days, but also diversify the festive table for any occasion.

Zucchini marinated for the winter turns out to be seductively crunchy and insanely tasty, with a spicy aftertaste, which is characteristic only of this vegetable.

The basic rule for everyone, especially those who do not know how to cook delicious zucchini: - always buy young, early harvest. The fruits should be thin-skinned and without large seeds inside. Dill greens should be fresh, without signs of spoilage. You can adjust the amount of garlic to your liking if you like a spicier version.

Prepare all the necessary foods to prepare the zucchini with young dill and garlic.

Zucchini fruits must first be washed and dried briefly on a cloth towel. Cut off the ends and without removing the skin, cut them into thin rings.

Peel the garlic and cut into thin slices. Sort out the dill greens, rinse in water and chop with a knife, not too finely.

Prepare glass jars for preservation:

rinse the container with hot water and baking soda, rinse thoroughly in clean water and turn over on a towel to dry, boil screw or tin lids - 1-2 minutes.

Fill the jars with zucchini rings and spices to the top. Try to stack vegetables as tightly as possible.

Pour the recipe vinegar into each jar, add salt and sugar directly to the vegetables.

Pour boiling water over the vegetables in a thin stream and fill glass containers.

Cover with lids, but do not tighten. Transfer to a suitable container for further sterilization:

Cover the bottom of the pan with a 2-3 layer towel so that the glass does not burst during heat treatment, fill it with warm water and place it on the stove.

From the moment the water boils in the pan, continue sterilizing the vegetables for 10 minutes while boiling the water quietly.

Close the lids at the end of sterilization, wrap up with a thick towel or blanket and leave to cool.

After cooling completely, transfer the zucchini with dill and garlic for storage in your home pantry or in a dry, cool basement before winter.