Recipe for sweets made from coconut flakes with condensed milk and raisins

Delicious homemade sweets like Rafaello can be easily made by hand. For such a delicacy, you will need the simplest and most affordable products. A sweet dessert with raisins, made from boiled condensed milk and coconut flakes, it turns out to be tender, like milk cookies with a pleasant chocolate aftertaste, from which children will be delighted.

Albeit a little, but the similarity in taste is felt with Rafaello sweets, there is something pleasant and touching between them. Our version has its own unique flavor, unlike the well-known brand, it is raisins and boiled condensed milk. Well, to feel all the charm of this sweet homemade dessert, you must definitely cook and taste them.

Recipe for sweets with condensed milk, raisins and coconut

Prepare all the required foods according to the ingredient list.

Using a meat grinder or grater, grind the sugar cookies into small crumbs.

Soak the raisins in warm water for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, knead a piece of butter at room temperature in a separate bowl. Combine it with cookies, boiled condensed milk, raisins and one tablespoon of coconut.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and form the product:

Roll small balls of small size from the resulting mass, which will be convenient to eat.

Roll the formed candies in the remaining coconut flakes.

Put the cooked sweets with coconut in a vase and place in a cold place for a short time. 30 minutes will be enough.

After a while, we get ready-made homemade sweets with coconut flakes, made from condensed milk, raisins and cookies. Such a delicacy will be eaten with pleasure by all sweet tooth, especially children.