Scrambled eggs shakshuka recipe with photo

Probably, many cooked such a simple and moderately hearty egg dish for breakfast, and of course, every family has its own familiar and delicious recipe for scrambled eggs and tomatoes. But, not many people know that fried eggs in a sauce of tomatoes, hot peppers, onions and spices has a name - shakshuka, which refers to Jewish cuisine and has similar cooking variations in many other countries.

For us, shakshuka is an ordinary quick breakfast for every day, and we are used to preparing it according to our own rules from the products that are at hand.

Without going far from the classics, we offer our own version of the Israeli-style scrambled eggs and tomatoes, which is more or less close to the original.

In each case, if necessary, the classic shakshuka recipe can be adjusted to suit your tastes, for example, instead of olive oil, you can use sunflower or vegetable oil, and replace the paprika with dried peppers and put them as needed. This breakfast of eggs in a ripe tomato sauce can be easily adapted to suit any needs, while the dish becomes even tastier.

Shakshuka recipe with photo

Dice the onions and finely chopped hot peppers. Heat the oil and lightly fry the chopped vegetables over low heat until the onions let out the juice.

Add chopped garlic, cumin and paprika. Stir all the ingredients and, stirring constantly, continue cooking for another 2 minutes. Try not to overcook!

Remove the peel from the tomatoes, chop in a convenient way until puree and transfer to the pan. Pour in 100 ml of warm water, stirring occasionally, cook for 10 minutes, until the tomato mass slightly thickens.

On top of the bubbling sauce, beat in the required amount of chicken eggs, salt and pepper if necessary. Set the heat to just below medium, cover and continue cooking the shakshuka until the eggs are noticeably hardened.

When ready, trying not to damage the yolk, distribute the eggs and tomatoes into portioned dishes and serve, sprinkling with chopped fresh parsley.

Alternatively, until cooked in 2-3 minutes, you can add grated cheese of any kind and bake eggs and tomatoes in the oven for a short time. Shakshuka with cheese acquires a completely different taste, the dish becomes more tender and appetizing, which is sometimes so necessary for an early breakfast.