Salad with mayonnaise from radish and fresh vegetables

Fresh vegetable salad with radishes is a spring dish and is usually prepared in spring and early summer. But, nevertheless, lovers of vegetables and vitamins, for the benefit of their health and family, prepare a variety of fresh salads for every convenient occasion, regardless of the season. It is for them and for all connoisseurs of tasty and healthy that we offer a winter version - a simple and quick salad with radishes, tomatoes, cucumber and mayonnaise, which turns out to be very tasty and nutritious.

The last ingredient on the list, i.e. mayonnaise, if desired, can be replaced with fresh sour cream. Thus, by replacing one component with another, a vegetable salad with sour cream can be made relatively healthier or even a more satisfying option.

Rinse the tomatoes and cucumber. Dry and cut not large, as shown in the photo.

Rinse lettuce leaves, green onion feathers in water and chop finely.

Next, remove the root crop from the radish and cut off the crown, rinse and cut into half rings, as thin as possible.

Add a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise, salt to taste and black pepper if necessary.

Stir the vegetable salad with mayonnaise thoroughly, transfer to a serving plate and serve.

It is not always possible to combine healthy and tasty together. This salad of fresh vegetables with mayonnaise is the best example of how you can enjoy the gifts of the summer sun and feel its warmth in winter.