Homemade herring fish pate simple recipe

Herring pate is a budget and versatile dish that can be served as an appetizer on a casual or festive table. Fish pate is perfect for a quick snack, it can be used as a filling for snack cakes and pancakes, profiteroles and stuffed eggs - the recipe is here.

Preparing a dish will require a simple and always available set of products and a little time. The process, like the recipe for homemade pate, is quite simple and no special culinary skills are required.

Homemade Herring Pate - Recipe Step by Step

Check the herring for bones, cut into small slices and place in a blender bowl.

Put processed cream cheese on top, a little more than 100 grams.

Add soft butter at room temperature, cut into small pieces.

Boil eggs, cool, peel, cut into 4 parts. Place in a blender bowl.

Peel the onion and chop it arbitrarily. Peel the apple and cut it in the same way. Add ingredients to blender. Beat the mixture until a paste.

Transfer the homemade fish pâté to a serving plate and garnish with herbs.

Herring pate can be served on black bread croutons, supplemented with fresh tomatoes and lemon.

The snack has a pasty consistency, creamy texture and amazing taste. Fish pate will not leave anyone indifferent, your guests and loved ones will like it.

    Hints and tips for recipe

  • It is better to choose a peeled herring fillet.
  • Strongly salted fish can be soaked beforehand.
  • For best results, a sweet and sour juicy apple is preferred.
  • For plasticity of the mass, you need high-quality butter and spreadable processed cheese.
  • For spicy tastes, add a little garlic or mustard.
  • It is recommended to keep the fish appetizer in a container with a tight lid for no more than 3 days in the refrigerator.