Lazy khachapuri recipe

Modern Georgian cuisine is popular all over the world. Traditional recipes have changed little since their invention and are carefully preserved. One of these dishes, khachapuri, is a flat cake with cheese and herbs. There are many recipes and cooking options. We offer you a simple and quick way to cook lazy khachapuri in a pan without rolling and sculpting.

It is best to choose several types of cheese for the dish; you can combine feta cheese, hard cheeses and processed analogs. Adjust the composition and quantity of spices to taste. Use fresh herbs - they will give the khachapuri an extra flavor and the herb cakes will be soft and fluffy.

Grate cheeses on a fine grater, put in a bowl for kneading the dough.

Add egg, kefir and sour cream. Stir the mass.

Add salt, pepper, spices and chopped herbs. Stir until the components are evenly distributed.

Add flour and knead the dough slightly thicker than for the pancakes.

Grease the pan with vegetable oil, put out one third of the dough. Spread it out with a silicone spatula. Cover, bake the products over medium heat for one to two minutes at first. Then reduce the heat to a minimum, continue cooking for a couple of minutes.

Turn the khachapuri over and fry over medium heat until lightly browned.

Place the finished products in a stack on a serving plate.

Decorate the khachapuri with bell pepper and herbs. For convenience, can be cut into portioned triangles.

Unlike the classic one, this recipe for khachapuri with cheese is relatively easy, the process is quite quick and simple.