Dressing for borscht for the winter

If there is absolutely no time for borscht, but mentally you would have eaten the whole pan, then take our dressing as a basis, add a little potatoes and cabbage and the borscht is ready!

Cooking time 1 hour 20 minutes


Beets 4 pcs

Natural carrots 3 pcs

Tomatoes 4 pcs

Onion 3 pcs

Vegetable oil 120 ml

Sugar (sand) 1 tbsp. l.

Salt 1 tbsp l.

Vinegar essence 70% 2 tsp


Peel the beets and carrots.

Peel the onion, wash the tomatoes well.

Dip the tomatoes in boiling water for a few minutes and peel them off.

Grate carrots and beets in a large bowl. Cut the tomatoes and onions into cubes.

Stir and place in a saucepan. Add sugar, salt and vegetable oil.

Cook over low heat for about 1 hour. Until vegetables are soft.

Add bite and mix well.

Divide into clean and dry jars.

Tighten the lids and put in a blanket overnight.

Dressing for borscht for the winter is ready. Store in a cellar.

Bon appetit and delicious winter!