Christmas bags

These mouth-watering New Year's pancake bags with delicious filling will create a festive mood at your New Year's table.

Cooking time 35 minutes


Eggs 3 pcs

Flour 300 g

Milk 3.2% fat. 1/2 l

Salt to taste

Green onions

Sunflower oil 50 g

Smoked chicken breast 2 pcs

Fresh cucumber 1 pc

Hard cheese 50 g

Parsley (greens) 1 bunch

Dill (greens) 1 bunch

Mayonnaise 3 tbsp l.


Mix eggs with milk, add flour, salt, butter. Beat well with a mixer.

Bake pancakes in a small pan.

Finely dice the chicken breasts. Chop the herbs and garlic.

Grate the cheese.

Combine cheese, chicken, finely chopped cucumber, chopped herbs and mayonnaise.

Put a small amount of the filling on the pancake and wrap it like a bag, tie it with a green onion feather.

Put on a dish.

Bon appetit!