Snowball salad

"Snowball" salad is a familiar and so beloved salad with crab sticks and corn, in a new version with egg pancakes. How can you resist

Cooking time 15 minutes


Crab sticks 100 g

Canned corn 100 g

Eggs 2 pcs

Apple 1 pc

Mayonnaise 2-3 tbsp l.

Salt to taste


In a bowl, combine corn and diced crab sticks.

Add the diced unpeeled apple.

Beat the eggs in a bowl and add a little salt.

Fry 2-3 thin pancakes on both sides in a frying pan.

Add thinly sliced ​​pancakes to a bowl.

Season the salad with mayonnaise.

Place in a salad bowl and decorate as desired.

The Snowball salad is ready. Can be served to the New Year's table.

Bon appetit! Happy New Year!