Cherry easter

Delicate cottage cheese Easter with cherries for your Easter table

Cooking time 2 hours


Curd 1, 2 kg

Sugar 100 g

Sour cream 100 g

Butter 100 g

Dried cherries 100 g

Egg yolk 3 pcs


Mix the curd well in a bowl.

Pass the cottage cheese through a meat grinder for 2 times.

Mix the yolks in a bowl with sugar and butter at room temperature.

Beat until fluffy.

Mix cottage cheese, mass with yolks and sour cream.

Beat well with a mixer all the curd mass.

Add the chopped dried cherries and stir.

Collect the bowl and cover with wet clean gauze.

Transfer the curd mass to the paste box.

It is good to tamp the curd mass into a pasochny and wrap the edges. Place the bowl on a plate to drain the liquid. Put in the refrigerator for 1 day.

Cherry Easter is ready. Put on a dish, remove the cheesecloth and decorate as desired.

Bon appetit! Happy Easter!