Sweet hearts from mastic

Sweet hearts from mastic, it is easy and simple to make a decoration for a festive dish with your own hands.

Cooking time 40 minutes


Marshmallow 40-50 g

Powdered sugar 1 stack.

Fruit or berry juice (red) 1 tsp.

Cookie cutter (heart-shaped)


Cut the marshmallow soufflé into pieces, place them in a bowl, add a spoonful of cherry juice. Then heat a bowl of marshmallows in a water bath.

The mass will begin to melt and will slightly increase in volume. Remove from heat. Add food coloring if necessary. Pour most of the powdered sugar into the resulting mass and knead with a wooden spatula, and then with your hands, until the mastic stops sticking to your hands.

Place the mass in a plastic bag, wrap it tightly so that air does not pass through, and cool in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then sprinkle the surface of the table with powdered sugar, cover the rolling pin with it. And roll out the dough into a layer (thickness - at your discretion, from 2 to 6 mm). Cut out valentine hearts with a mold and leave them on a flat surface to dry.

Sweet mastic hearts are ready. You can decorate any festive dish with them. Finished products can be stored in a tightly closed box in a dry place for up to several months.

Bon appetit!