Cottage cheese dessert with peaches

This dessert made from cottage cheese and canned peaches can be prepared at any time of the year. Delight your loved ones with a delicious treat.

Cooking time 15 minutes


Soft cottage cheese 200 g

Canned peaches (5-6 pcs.) 200 g

Cream 20% fat. 100 ml

Canned peach syrup 50 ml

Ground cinnamon 1 pinch.

Vanilla extract to taste


Place the cottage cheese in a blender and beat.

Add peach syrup, cream and vanilla extract on the tip of a knife.

Cut the peaches into slices, leave a little for decoration.

Put in a bowl in layers, a layer of peaches, a layer of curd cream.

Decorate the top layer with peach slices and sprinkle with cinnamon when serving.

Serve to the festive table.

Bon appetit!