Tomatoes in their own juice for the winter in 2 liter jars

Tomatoes in their own juice are so delicious that in winter not a drop of delicious filling will remain.

Cooking time 1 hour


Tomatoes 2, 5 kg

Tomatoes (large, for juice) 3 kg

Bay leaf to taste

Allspice peas to taste

Cloves to taste

Salt 2 tbsp l.

Sugar 2 tbsp. l.

Vinegar 9% 2 tbsp. l.


Rinse small tomatoes.

Put 2 bay leaves, 2-3 cloves and 2-3 peppercorns in jars.

Fill the jars with small tomatoes (the tighter the tomatoes are, the less juice will enter).

Wash and chop large tomatoes.

Twist through a meat grinder.

Weed out the seeds by passing the twisted tomatoes through a sieve or by passing the tomatoes through a juicer.

Add 3 liters of tomato juice to 2 tablespoons of salt and sugar.

Pour boiling water over cans of tomatoes, leave for 15 minutes.

Boil the tomato juice, drain the jars and pour in the juice.

Cover with lids. Put 2 liter jars on sterilization for 20 minutes.

Remove the hot jars and add 2 tablespoons of 9% vinegar to a 2 liter jar. Roll up the cans and put them in heat until they cool completely. Tomatoes in their own juice are ready for the winter. Store in a cellar.

Bon appetit! Have a delicious winter!