Apple jam wedges

Delicious amber apple jam with slices will delight you in winter with a cup of tea.

Cooking time 2 hours


Apples (ranetok) 2-2.5 kg

Sugar 1.5 kg


Rinse the apples well.

Cut into quarters and core. Place apples in a saucepan.

Cover with sugar and cover, put in a cool place for 5-6 hours.

After the sugar is dissolved, put the pan on the fire, cook until boiling. Leave the jam for 2 hours, boil again, repeat again, simmer the jam over low heat for 30 minutes, stirring gently.

Pour the prepared jam into jars.

Roll up the lids and store.

Our apple slices are ready. The jam is well worth both at home and in the cellar.

Bon appetit! Have a delicious winter!