Tomato salad with onions for the winter

Pickled tomatoes with onions and fried potatoes ... In winter, each jar will disappear imperceptibly.

Cooking time 25 minutes


Tomatoes 2 kg

Bulb onion 1 kg

Bay leaf

Allspice peas


Vegetable oil

Vinegar 9%




Wash the tomatoes and cut into small slices. Peel the onion and cut into half rings. Mix in a saucepan.

Put 2 leaves of lavrushka, 3-4 peas of pepper and 2 cloves in jars.

Put the tomatoes and onions in jars and tamp a little.

Pour 1 teaspoon of sugar, salt and vegetable oil on top of a 0.5 liter jar.

Pour running water and sterilize. From the moment of boiling, wait 15 minutes.

Pour in 2 teaspoons of vinegar and cork. Turn over and keep warm for 12 hours. Keep cold.