Julienne with chicken and mushrooms

Delicate, delicious julienne with chicken and mushrooms under a golden cheese crust ... mmm ... It's not difficult to cook, but it's a pleasure to eat.

Cooking time 40 minutes


Chicken fillet 100 g

Frozen champignons or 50 g fresh 100 g

1/3 onion

Cream 20% fat. 1/2 stack.

Vegetable oil 1 tbsp. l.

Salt to taste

Ground black pepper to taste


Finely chop the chicken, mushrooms and onion.

Saute all ingredients in vegetable oil. Salt to taste.

Pour in the cream and thicken.

Put in crooks and, sprinkling with cheese, send to a preheated oven for 5-10 minutes. Julienne with chicken and mushrooms is ready.

Bon appetit!