"Horseshoe" Christmas cookies

Original and delicious New Year's cookies "Horseshoe" can be made from simple ingredients that are in every home.

Cooking time 1 hour


Wheat flour of the highest grade 250 g

Sugar 100 g

Starch 60 g

Butter 180 g

Salt 1 pinch.

Chocolate 50 g


In a bowl, combine sugar, starch and salt.

Add room temperature oil and start mixing with a spatula, adding flour a little.

Quickly mold a ball of dough with your hands and put in the refrigerator, wrapped in cling film for 1 hour.

Roll small flagella from the dough.

Put on a baking sheet covered with parchment, in the form of a horseshoe.

Bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees C for 12-15 minutes until golden brown.

Cool the cookies and heat the chocolate in a water bath. Dip the ends of the biscuits in chocolate and allow to harden on the parchment.

Put on a platter and serve to the festive table.

Bon appetit! Happy New Year!