Cupcake with berries

What could be more delicious than a sweet tender piece of berry-flavored cake with your favorite tea.

Cooking time 40 minutes


Flour 300 g

Honeysuckle (or any other berry, can be frozen) 200 g

Milk 150 ml

Sugar 150 g

Butter 30 g

Eggs 4 pcs

Baking powder 10 g

Salt to taste


Beat eggs with a mixer in a bowl.

Add sugar and beat well again.

Add milk and continue whisking.

Add soft butter.

Add flour, baking powder and salt.

Mix well the dough, thick sour cream consistency.

Rinse and dry the berries.

Add the berries to the dough and stir.

Grease the mold with butter and lay out the dough.

Bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees C, 35-40 minutes. Cool the finished cake.

Put on a dish.

Our delicious cupcake with berries is ready. Can be served at the table.

Bon appetit!