Soup with fish meatballs


Salmon 100 g

Egg 1 pc

Green onion (feather) 20 g

Wheat flour of the highest grade 1/2 stack.

Potatoes 1 pc

Bell pepper 1/2 pc

1/2 onion

Salt to taste

Ground black pepper to taste

Dried celery to taste

Cut the salmon very finely. Stir in finely chopped green onions and egg. Salt to taste.

Add with flour to make a thick dough.

Form balls from this minced meat and dip into boiling salted water.

Cut the potatoes into cubes and add to the saucepan with the meatballs.

Finely chop the onion and bell pepper and fry in vegetable oil with salt and pepper.

Transfer to a saucepan with meatballs. Add dried celery to taste.

Cook everything until the potatoes are cooked. Serve to the table.

Bon appetit!