Solyanka meat

This is a delicious assorted meat hodgepodge, one of the most delicious soups that warm and fill with strength in the cold season.

Cooking time 30 minutes


Smoked sausage (for 2 liters of water) 100 g

Bulb onions 2 pcs

Potatoes 2 pcs

Pickled green olives (or olives) 10 pcs

Pickle (olives or cucumbers) 150 g

Pickled cucumbers 2 pcs

Lemon 1 pc

Parsley (greens)

Green onion (feather)

Vegetable oil




Cook the ribs with one peeled onion head. Cook until tender. Remove the bow. Add the diced potatoes.

In a frying pan with vegetable oil, fry finely chopped onions and sausage cut into strips.

Chop the olives and cucumbers and add to the saucepan.

Cook for 10-15 minutes, add brine. Salt. At the end of cooking, add finely chopped herbs.

Let it brew for 10 minutes. Pour into bowls and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Bon appetit!