"Etude" layered salad with pineapple and mushrooms

Layered salad "Etude" decoration of your New Year's table.

Cooking time 20 minutes


Chicken fillet 200 g

Cheese 200 g

Canned pineapple 200 g

Canned champignons 200 g

Walnuts 50 g

Mayonnaise 3 tbsp l.

Lettuce to taste


Boil the chicken fillet and cool.

Cover the mold with cling film, lay a layer with slices of chopped pickled champignons.

Add a layer of half grated cheese. Lubricate with mayonnaise.

Add a layer of chopped nuts.

Add a layer of diced pineapples. Lubricate with mayonnaise.

Add a layer of sliced ​​chicken fillet. Lubricate with mayonnaise and salt.

Add a second layer of grated cheese and brush with mayonnaise. Wrap the film and let the salad soak in the refrigerator.

Turn the salad onto a platter of lettuce and garnish with a pineapple ring and herbs on top.

Etude puff salad with pineapples and mushrooms is ready. Can be served with a festive table.

Bon appetit! Happy New Year!