Pancakes with salmon and caviar

Pancakes with salmon and caviar, a real royal snack. This delicate delicacy will amaze you with its taste.

Cooking time 25 minutes


Milk 3.2% fat. 300 ml

Flour 120 g

Vegetable oil 4-6 tbsp. l.

Eggs 2 pcs

Lightly salted salmon 150 g

Red caviar 100 g

Dill (greens) 1 bunch

Salt to taste


Beat eggs in a bowl, add milk.

Add flour, vegetable oil and salt. Mix well and let the dough stand for 20 minutes.

Bake pancakes in a frying pan on both sides.

Cut the pancakes into quarters, cut the fish into slices, finely chop the dill.

Fold the pancakes in half and place on a platter. Place fish slices on top and sprinkle with finely chopped dill.

Put another layer of pancakes on top and put caviar, sprinkle with dill

Cool slightly and serve.

Bon appetit!