Chicken pate with mushrooms


Chicken breast 1 pc

Carrot 1 pc

Onion 2 pcs

Honey mushrooms frozen 200 g

Vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l.

Butter at room temperature 50 g

Baskets or shuttlecocks 10 pcs

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Pour the chicken breast and peeled carrots and onion with cold water and cook for 1 hour over medium heat. Remove the onion after boiling. Take out the finished carrots. Cool the breast and remove the bones and skin.

Defrost mushrooms, peel onions.

Fry mushrooms and finely chopped onions in vegetable oil until tender. Cool slightly.

Put the carrots and chicken in a blender.

Add mushrooms, salt, pepper and chop.

Add butter in chunks and beat again.

Put in a bowl and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Stuff baskets with pate, valovan or just nicely spread on bread slices. Decorate with herbs and serve.

Bon appetit and Happy New Year!