Lightly salted cucumbers in a saucepan

These crispy lightly salted cucumbers in a saucepan with aromatic garlic and dill, which are so nice to eat.

Cooking time 30 minutes


Water 1 l

Cucumbers 1 kg

Dill 1 bunch

Horseradish leaves 5-6 pcs

Currant leaves 5-6 pcs

Cherry leaves 5-6 pcs

Garlic clove 3-5

Black peppercorns 5-7 pcs


Wash cucumbers well.

Rinse and dry greens.

Put currant and cherry leaves at the bottom of the pan, pick half of the horseradish leaves with your hands.

Cut off the tails of the cucumbers and place them in a saucepan.

Add chopped garlic and allspice peas.

Lay dill on top with large sprigs.

Cover with horseradish leaves.

Dissolve salt in cold boiled water, per 1 liter of water 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt.

Pour the brine into a saucepan to the top, so that the cucumbers float, the tightly packed cucumbers are not crispy. Cover and refrigerate for 12 hours.

Put the ready-made cucumbers on a dish and serve.

Bon appetit!