Quesadillas with zucchini and tomatoes

Quesadilla, one of the most popular Mexican food. And it will not be difficult to cook such a yummy.

Cooking time 25 minutes


Zucchini 200 g

Egg 1 pc


Tortillas for Quesadilla 2 pcs

Ketchup to taste

Cheese to taste

Tomatoes 1/2 pc

Greens to taste

Salt to taste


Cut the zucchini into plastic and dip in a beaten egg.

Dip in flour and fry on both sides.

Spread ketchup on a flatbread, then put the zucchini, tomato and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Cover with a second flatbread and grill in a skillet.

Serve with herbs, cut into 4 pieces.

Bon appetit!