Tsarsky salad

This is truly a royal salad. Caviar, red fish, tender boiled vegetables ... Mmm ... He will take the main place on the festive table and will not be left without attention. If you want to surprise your guests, be sure to cook it.

Cooking time 50 minutes


Carrots 2 pcs

Eggs 3 pcs

Potatoes 3 pcs

Red fish (lightly salted salmon or trout) 200 g

Red caviar 2 tbsp l.

Dill sprigs 2 pcs

Mayonnaise 5 tbsp l.

Salt to taste


Boil carrots, potatoes and eggs, peel and cool.

Put the carrots grated on a fine grater on a layer of foil and smooth well.

Lubricate with mayonnaise. In the same way, lay out a layer of grated potatoes, salt and grease with mayonnaise.

A layer of grated eggs and mayonnaise.

Chop the dill finely and cut the fish fillets into strips. Lay down greens and fish.

Starting at the fishy edge, roll the whole salad over. Wrap in the same foil and refrigerate for 3-4 hours.

Cut into portions and place on a flat dish with herbs.

Decorate with red caviar on top.

Happy New Year!